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Non-Recourse Premium Finance Facility from Premium Credit

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We are now able to offer your clients a fully non-recourse finance facility across our product range. There is no minimum premium criteria and payments are by direct debit over 10 months.


The charges and interest charged by Premium Credit Limited are set out below:


Premium Credit Limited - Current Charges (NOTE: These will be charged over and above the total premium plus any additional fees charged by you)
Interest Charge For New Business, Mid Term Adjustments (MTAs) & Renewals 9.24%
Fixed Fee For Premiums Up To £1,000.00 £0.00
Fixed Fee For Premiums Between £1,000.00 & £5,000.00 £15.00
Fixed Fee For Premiums Over £5,000.00 £35.00
Mid Term Adjustment Fee   £35.00
Default Charge (Per Default) £85.00
Cancellation Charge   £35.00
Minimum Charge For Finance £50.00


To apply to finance a bound policy please download this form, or use the following designated email address providing the following information:

Tristar policy number
Account name
Account number
Sort code
Contact name
Contact address
Contact telephone number
Contact email address
Broker administration fee (if required) – to be added to the finance agreement


Debit Card / BACS


We are now able to offer your clients the ability to pay for their policies (including any additional administration fee you may wish to charge) by either Debit Card or BACs.

The following charges will apply to each transaction:
Debit Card - 0%
BACS - 0%







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